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The Sign Board Manufacturers

vibgyorind_infrastructureWith years of manufacturing experience and industrial expertise, we are one of the leading Sing Board Manufacturers and Suppliers of  Signage’s, Retro Reflective Sign Boards. The products we offer consists Traffic Sign Boards, Indicative Sign Boards, Direction Sign Boards, Traffic Bollards, Reflective Traffic Safety Cones, Edge Markers, Delineators, Speed Humps or Speed Breakers, Road Reflectors, Hazard Markers, Diversion Signage’s, Lane Markers and Median Markers.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing unit, with one of the best manufacturing process in India, specially in North, whereas we supply and install our goods across the country. States where we have already worked are Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), Uttarpardesh (UP), Uttrakhand (UK), Odisha (Orissa), Rajasthan, Madhya Pardesh (MP) and Union Teritories of Chandigarh, Delhi and NCR region.

We are also widely recognized as an approved converter in favor of M/S Avery Dennison (India) Ltd. for manufacturing Retro Reflective sheeting. Standardized by MOSRT&H, our array of products ensures successful working and provides 7-10 years warranty. This makes us stand alone among other manufacturers in India.

These factors have contributed towards attaining maximum customer satisfaction.

City Guide Map Manufacturer

vigyor copy
VIBGYOR designed City Guide Map Boards are more accurate and properly visible in low light.

The City Guide Maps can be designed and place area wise, like the displayed map board is designed for all the sectors of Chandigarh (India). We have also designed and developed many city guide map sign boards for various cities of Punjab and Haryana.

White & Bright Thermoplastic Road Marking



We have a full fledged department to look after Thermoplastic Road Marking. Over the years we have gained the expertise and edge on the execution of Thermoplastic Road Marking with additions of excellent Imported Machinery and Trained Manpower.

We are using very best In India i.e. ASIAN PAINTS ROAR Material and Glass Beads of POTTER INDUSTRIES LTD. AUSTRALIA.

Special Cantilever Sign Boards


We are trusted for manufacturing and supplying Overhead Cantilever Signs, which are designed in compliance with IRC-67-2001 and MORT&H specifications.

These signs contain important guidelines for the commuters and are designed with a fine durable finish. Made of 2/3 mm Aluminum sheets, these signs are long lasting in nature and not affected by adverse climatic conditions.

Stainless Steel Sign Boards (SS Boards)


Technology gave another gift and we at Vibgyor have implemented the Stainless Steel (SS) Sign Boards in various parts of Punjab like Bhatinda, Muksar, Malot, Mohali and more.

Stainless Steel Sign Boards are as-strong-as traditional iron road sign boards rather lighter in weight. Their best advantage is they remain as-it-is for years and increase visibility at night due the power of steel reflection.

Informative Sign Boards


VIBGYOR Manufactures High Quality Reflective Products. Reflective Sign boards Supplied By VIBGYOR Have Excellent Visibility Range, Creating Maximum Advertising Effect With 24 Hours Exposure.

VIBGYOR’s knowledgeable staff can provide information, support and advice regarding the proper use of reflective sign boards.

These signs are made with the highest quality materials.

Reflective Direction Boards


VIBGYOR`s Direction Boards are made-up of High Quality Retro Reflective sheets and materials. which provides excellent visibility to the drivers from a fair distance.

There are plenty of colours, styles, shapes, and designs for you to choose from.

Trust VIBGYOR To Get You The Right Products Appropriate For Your Purpose.

Road Safety Products

safety pro

VIBGYOR has years of experience in manufacturing all types of high quality traffic signs and road safety products at affordable prices.

Reflective Traffic signs are ideal for displaying directional information such as CAUTIONARY BOARDS, ARROW BOARDS, PARKING SIGN, NO PARKING SYMBOL, DIVERSION PLATES, FACILITY BOARDS and so on.
Our traffic signs follow the manuals on uniform traffic control devices to meet the requirements of local and state governments, municipal agencies, schools, colleges, private communities, parking lots and many more.