Visibilis Distance To Go Marker – Visibly Better (DTGM Boards)

Continued improvement in the quality of our products and service is a major goal of our organization; With this attitude we have developed “Visibilis Distance TO Go Markers” THE NAME IS DIFFERENT, SO IS THE DISTANCE TO GO MARKER.
Performs like no other distance to go marker. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing traffic safety devices, we have developed the product that meets the needs of the users.


The unique composition and design allow it to withstand extreme weather. It will not be blown or moved by high winds thus making it totally immune to hazards of weather. It is quite brittle, it will break if some heavy object dashes against it. Visibilis DTGM is built to withstand abuse and do the job better.
As against the commonly used DTGM of PVC pipes, this new product is absolutely maintenance free with optimum utility under all weather conditions. It ensures cent percent durability along with a matchless performance for a very long span of time. In this sense Vibgyor Visibilis DTGM will prove cheaper in cost in the long run than the PVC pipe types which require regular maintenance for its upkeeping.
Visibilis DTGM is made of engineering plastics. Having monolithic structure to withstand temperature variations from extreme cold environments to sweltering hot conditions and meet the frangibility requirements specified for objects in runway strip.. Structure specially reinforced with Antimony Trioxide and Methyl Amine Acrylat to withstand high velocity winds. All as per specifications.
Main features:
  • Withstands any temperature variations from extreme cold environment to sweltering hot conditions.
  • Sun rays, rains & weather vagaries have virtually no effect on it.
  • Easily breakable offering least resistance if an aircraft bangs in to it but at the same time strong enough to withstand any wind pressure, dust storms & hurricane.